The Best Motorola gp340 earpiece

15/04/14 10:00 PM

We ended the last post by saying that you should not use the featured product to protect the life of US president. However, we’ll start this article by saying that, if you are trying to guard President Obama this summer, then you are getting closer to the right objective with this earpiece.

The Motorola gp340 covert earpiece is a serious bit of comms. This earpiece comes connected to one of those curly receivers, the kind you’ve observed Agent Smith wearing in The Matrix films. The GP340 earpiece is a tool designed for use with the Motorola multi pin choice of two way radio devices.

It’s an inconspicuous earpiece for which you use as an alternative to making your presence felt, when subtlety and underestimation are the aims of the game. If you’re concerned with security or protection, then a GP340 could well be the earpiece for you.

EarpieceOnline lists this bad boy for £27.50, so it’s only a few quid over the Motorola 2 pin, but it’s a few quid worth spending, especially if you value discretion.

There’s also no need for any type of adaptor when you purchase this multi pin earpiece, this model includes a multipin plug which can attach to the Gp360, gp640, gp680, gp320. gp380 and gp340. In addition, there is a built-in ‘push to talk’ button and microphone, but it’s significantly smaller than the one found on the majority other models.

The Motorola multi pin earpiece features the identical sprung lapel clip as our last model, a surgical grade acoustic eartube (as well as a spare tip) with a Kevlar-reinforced cable. It also comes with a bright drawstring pouch as well. Add to this a 6-month warranty (included in the price) and also you’re absolutely onto a winner.

Sound-wise, the Gp 340 earpiece provides clear, reliable sound and performs well in trying weather conditions.

However, the GP340 earpiece is not quite a top-range earpiece, it represents fantastic value, obviously, and it really works fine for many purposes, but when you have got specialist requirements, then you should probably stick with this series and find out what else is out there.

Generally, the Gp 340 earpiece is an excellent product that offers fantastic value for money. It will do a great job in nearly all roles and comes pretty kindly recommended all round.

Next episode, we have a evaluation of the Cp040 2-pin earpiece, a device specifically suitable for use with the GP300 and, um, Motorola cp040 two way radio series. If you’re still aiming to guard The President, you may want to have a look at what Posted by motorola earpiece | in earpiece | Comments Off on The Best Motorola gp340 earpiece